“What are MagicBands” is a question that I often hear.  It’s simple, they are your everything during your Walt Disney World vacation.  okay, maybe it’s not that simple, and as your friendly travel agent, I will go into details.  Of course when you book your vacation through me, I am here to help through every detail of this planning process.  😉

MagicBands are Disney’s ‘all access’ Key To The World. They have replaced the old Key To The World cards given to guests of Disney Resorts. They are your Resort room key, credit card, park tickets, Memory Maker, fastpass+, dining plan, and pretty much everything that has to do with your visit to Walt Disney World. You can tap into all the fun with just the swoosh of your wrist.


Your MagicBands are included as part of your Walt Disney World vacation package.  The Magic Bands are now required to receive certain photos and other digital content.  This is due to the new technology that now adds photos and videos automatically to your Memory maker account, from attractions such as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.


What Color will you choose? Currently offered in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, purple and Gray.  You will be able to select your color when you personalize your MagicBands in your My Disney Experience account after you have linked your vacation.  You will also be able to choose a short name or number that will print on the inside of each band.  If you do not personalize your MagicBands before they ship, you will receive gray bands.  If you do not already have a My Disney Experience account, You can create one by going to  Be sure that you customize your MagicBands at least 35 days prior to your arrival; they will ship directly to your house before your departure and will include your matching luggage tags as well as your Magical Extras card.

The centers of the new MagicBands can be changed out for a custom look

After your first Disney vacation, your MagicBands will remain active in your account until you deactivate them.  For consecutive Disney vacations, you can choose new MagicBands and bring along your old ones in case you want to change colors to match your outfit.  😉  Will you collect all of the colors?  *I have been told that these bands do have a life span.  There is a small RFID chip inside that will expire after a certain amount of time, so if you have older bands, you may want to bring your new bands as a back up.

If for some reason you do not wish to wear your MagicBand around your wrist, don’t worry.  The center is removable from the new MagicBands and you can purchase a MagicBand keeper to put the center/chip portion of the MagicBand in.  If you are still not a fan of the idea, you may request a Key Card that will do as most everything that the MagicBand does.

MagicBand keepers

*A credit card must be presented at Resort hotel check-in or added during online check-in, in order to use your MagicBand to make purchases. 

Thank you for reading, My name is Melissa and I am a Disney fanatic.  I’m also a travel agent.  You will find me with my family almost every weekend in one of the Disney parks.  It never costs extra to book your Disney vacation through me over booking directly with Disney; that’s right, all of my planning services are free.  Iwhat are you waiting for?  Your vacation starts with a free quote.
Melissa Mathies, Travel Designer & Destination Specialist
Pixie Dust Adventures – Destinations by Melissa


6 thoughts on “MagicBands

  1. My son and myself went to Disney summer of 2015. We stayed on site and both have magic bands. I am taking advantage of the three day special they are currently offering and plan on visiting this May but will not be staying at a resort. Should we bring and wear our bands from last time? Are there any benefits in wearing them?


    • The MagicBands will work like your ticket for you. If you link your park tickets the My Disney Experience account that the MagicBands are linked with, you will be able to use your MagicBands just like your tickets. So… you can use them to enter the parks and for your Fastpasses. No real huge advantage other than the fact that they look really cool. 🙂 Be sure & bring your park tickets too, just in case Disney has a ‘magical glitch’. 😉 Happy Travels, Melissa


  2. I’m planning on buying a 2 day park pass for me and my partner but we will not be staying at any Walt Disney world resort. is it still possible to get these wristbands? and if so, what are the benefits to having them if you’re not staying at the resort


    • Hi Jonathan – I have no doubt that you will enjoy your time in Walt Disney World with or without MagicBands. You can still get MagicBands even though you are not staying in a Walt Disney World resort, you just have to purchase them separately. There are numerous designs that you can choose from and you can buy them before you get there at the Disney Store online or you can purchase them once you arrive & have the cast member assist you with linking them to your My Disney Experience account. When you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort you can use your MagicBands for your room key, park tickets, event tickets, charge card, dining plan and your fastpasses. It all works that way because you have a credit card on file with the resort. Even though will not be staying at a Walt Disney World resort, you will still be able to link your MagicBands to your My Disney Experience account and use them to enter your fastpasses and also at the entry to the parks as your park & event tickets.
      Wishing you a Magical Vacation!
      Melissa Mathies – Pixie Dust Adventures


      • Thanks for the explanation. I’m looking forward to our trip. My partner has never visited Walt Disney World before so i am just as excited as my first time

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