Disney World

Welcome to my blog – My name is Melissa and I often feel that I am an 8 year old in a much older body.  I love everything Disney.  The dining, parades, entertainment, Technology and of course the attractions.  There is no greater joy for me, than sharing the Disney Magic with others.  So, I became a travel agent so that I could help other plan & book their very own Disney Vacations at no added cost to them.

Walt Disney World is the second theme park built by Walt Disney and is located in Orlando, Florida. Disney World includes 4 theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  It also boasts 2 water parks, It’s own shipping district: Downtown Disney, as well as numerous recreational activities such as golf, fishing, horseback riding, spa’s, tours and more.  There are currently 26 Walt Disney World Resorts and each of them provide you with free transportation to the parks as well as transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport.

Disney is constantly at the forefront of new technology and working to improve the vacation experience for families around the globe.  If you are considering a Disney or other vacation in your future, contact me to a free, no obligation quote along with my vacation planning assistance at no additional cost to you.  Melissa@PixieDustAdventures.com

From time to time I will blog about the latest news and happenings at Walt Disney World.  I hope that you will join me & share in the comments your thoughts and comments.

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by Melissa Mathies


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