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This is an awesome freebie for all of my fellow Disney addicts out there.  Yes, it is completely free, even the shipping.

Availability is limited so click on over HERE and create your decal today.  You will need your date of birth to get started and then you can continue by customizing your very own decal with your family members, names & even the background color.


These are a must have for any serious Disney fan.  They can be placed on your car, planning binder or even a scrapbook.  Don’t miss out on this fun freebie.

As a fan pointed out to me…. this is only for US Residents.


Let us help plan the details of your Disney vacation!

Which hotel is the right fit for your family? Where to dine, attractions, crowds and all that goes along with planning a vacation is a lot to think about.  With a Disney-focused travel agent by your side, you can plan as much or as little as you desire.  My planning assistance all comes at NO additional cost to you and is based on countless hours of personal experience.

• Receive a welcome packet when you book, filled with information & a custom planning calendar.
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Itinerary plans and printed itinerary with added suggestions to optimize your day and your experiences.
Fee-Free Planning. All of my assistance comes at no added cost to you. I book directly through Disney and never charge a service fee.  When you book your trip through me, you will get all of the services that Disney offers, plus the personalized service that I offer.
• Help planning visits to other area attractions outside of the Disney theme parks.  If you are considering adding other Orlando attractions to your vacation, why not get assistance of someone who is local and been there?

You get all of this and more when you book your Disney vacation through Melissa of Pixie Dust Adventures (me).  Click here to visit my website & get started with a no obligation quote.

Thank you for reading!  My name is Melissa and I am a Disney fanatic; I’m also a travel agent.  You will find me almost every weekend in one of the Disney parks with my family.  The only thing I love more than exploring Disney myself is helping others plan their vacations.  I hope that I will be able to assist you in planning yours.
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20+ FREE Souvenirs and Keepsakes for your next Walt Disney World Vacation

We all know that saving for your Disney vacation can be a labor of love, and we all want to be able to budget for souvenirs.  Souvenirs & keepsakes are one way that we are able to relive & remember our vacation long after returning home.  Well… I have good news for you, you don’t need a large budget in order to bring home the magic.  There are numerous FREE things offered in Walt Disney World that you are able to bring home with you; some of them might be right under your nose and who doesn’t like FREE stuff?

1. Sorcerer’s of The Magic Kingdom Cards

Sorcerer's of The Magic Kingdom Cards
Sorcerer’s of The Magic Kingdom Cards

Location: Magic Kingdom

Register for the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom game when you enter the Magic Kingdom.  You can register at the firehouse, on the left, just as you enter under the train station.  Each person will be given a set of cards to play the game.  As you make your way around the Magic Kingdom, follow the map, that you are given, and fight off evil villains.  If you complete an entire quest, you are eligible for another free set of Sorcerer Cards.  These cards make a great souvenir and you can even trade them with other people in the park and in online groups.
If you are visiting the Magic Kingdom for more than one day during your stay, be sure to stop each day and pick up a new pack of cards; each guest is eligible for one set of cards per day in the Magic Kingdom.  You can still attempt to complete your quest, even it it takes more than one day.  Once your quest is complete, return to the sign up point for a new, bonus pack of cards.  Click HERE for more details on this activity

If you have purchased a ticket to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, be sure to stop by the Firehouse, during the party, for your Sorcerer card that is exclusive to that event.

The 2 cards in the center are cards that were exclusive to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Each year they offer a new card.
The 2 cards in the center are cards that were exclusive to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Each year they offer a new card.

2. A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasure of the 7 Seas Quest

All 5 maps from A Pirate's Adventure, interactive game in the Magic Kingdom
All 5 maps from A Pirate’s Adventure, interactive game, in the Magic Kingdom

Location: Magic Kingdom

Sign up for the Pirate Adventure, interactive game, the next time you are in the Magic Kingdom.  The area to sign up is in Adventureland next to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.  When you sign up you will be given a map & a quest.  You can begin with any map and on any quest, they are all in Adventureland.  You will stop at various places & when you hold up your map props will come to life and you will send you on to your next mission.  Once you have completed one quest, you can sign up to do another quest with a different map.  In order to get all 5 maps, you will have to complete all 5 of the quests.  These are fun, relaxing little activities that don’t take long & are entertaining to watch.  If you are a huge pirate fan, you will want to bring home some of these maps for keepsakes from your vacation.

*NEW:  Now when you sign up for the Pirate Adventure game, you can earn FREE fastpasses for the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction as well as additional trading cards.  For each quest that you complete, you will earn one trading card.  At the completion of each quest you will be given a stamp on your map, a trading card and at the end of the 3 through 5th quest every person in your party will receive a free fastpass to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. (If you complete all 5 quests & there are 4 people in your party, you will be given a total of 12 fastpasses.)  These fastpasses are usually good until the end of the following month so you will have plenty of time to use them.  You can use them the same day or bring them back & use them on a different visit.

Our loot at the end of the Pirates Adventure interactive game: all 5 maps, all 5 trading cards and 3 fastpasses per person, for the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

3. Resort Activities and Goodies

Location: All Disney property resorts

Mardi Gras Beads and coins from Port Orleans French Quarter

Don’t overlook the fun activities that your resort has to offer.
My kiddos love collecting & coloring the coloring pages that are often around on tables in the lobby.  This always keeps them entertained during check in or even on the flight home.
Art of Animation offers animation sketch classes near or in front of the lobby & you can keep your sketch when you are finished.
Some of the value resorts like Pop Century and Art of Animation have a fun scavenger hunts around the property; just ask for the map & earn a little prize if you complete it.
On Halloween many of the resorts offer Trick-Or-Treat stations where you can pick up candy & stickers.
Pop Century has a fun Scavenger Hunt map & if you complete it, you can choose a special prize.
Caribbean Beach Resort often gives out pirate swords & eye patches for those staying in one of their pirate rooms
Port Orleans French Quarter can be found tossing out Mardi Gras beads and plastic coins
Animal Kingdom Lodge offers participation certificates for kiddos that participate in the bedtime stories activity
All of these resort specific surprises are subject to change and may vary by day

The Disney resorts also typically have a map of where you can find all of the hidden Mickey’s at that resort.  Just ask a cast member at the front desk & they will provide one for you.  This is a great leisure activity as well as a neat keepsake from your resort.

4. Celebration Buttons

A few of the celebration buttons that Disney World offers.
A few of the celebration buttons that Disney World offers.

Location: Guest Services, hotel check in
or on Main Street in Magic Kingdom in the morning.

Celebrating anything special on your next vacation…  your fist visit, birthday, honeymoon, anniversary or maybe even meeting a personal goal?  Be sure to have your travel agent notify Disney when booking your vacation or tell a cast member when you check in, and you can score one of many special celebration buttons.  Wear them around the park for smiles & congratulations throughout your day.  If you forget at check-in, you can pick up your button at any quest services location or you can find them in the morning being handed out by cast members on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom park.

5. Wilderness Explorers Handbook

Wilderness Explorers Handbook in Animal Kingdom
Wilderness Explorers Handbook in Animal Kingdom

Be sure to stop at a Wilderness Explorer Station for your Wilderness Explorers Handbook. This will be your guide to follow as you participate in activities throughout Animal Kingdom Park.  You can become an official Wilderness Explorer if you complete all 31 activities & earn all 31 badges/stickers in your book on the pages.  Some of the activities are simple and others take a little longer.  This isn’t something that you can rush through; the quickest my kids have finished a book was in 2 days.  Don’t have 2 days to spend in Animal Kingdom?  Don’t fret, you can take your Wilderness Explorer Handbook home with you & bring it back to Animal Kingdom the next time you return, to complete your quest.  The activities in the book are wonderful, educational experiences for kids of all ages.
There is now a new, updated Wilderness Explorers Handbook which includes two lessons in Pandora.

The map inside of the Wilderness Explorers Handbook.
The map inside of the Wilderness Explorers Handbook.

6. Park Maps

Disney World Park Maps
Disney World Park Maps

Location: All of the Disney Parks including ESPN Wide World of Sports, Downtown Disney and the Water Parks

Yes, that’s right I said, Maps.  Something that simple may not seem like a keepsake, but it’s what you do with the maps that makes them special.  You can save them just to remember the parks that you visited & what they looked like at that time.  Disney is constantly updating and adding new attractions and the newest attractions are usually highlighted on the map for that season.  You can also collect maps seasonal maps and from special events such as the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  Maps are great for crafts and you can find all sorts of map craft ideas on Pinterest.  You can use them to make coasters, Christmas ornaments or scan them in to use in your next scrapbook or photo book that you create online.  The possibilities are endless.  Now… those don’t just look like plan ol’ maps anymore do they?

A few maps from the Halloween and Christmas parties

7. Kidcot Fun Station Cards, Stamps and Autographs

Although you must purchase the Epcot Passport shown in this photo ($9.95) it is not necessary. You can still collect activities & autographs without it.
Although you must purchase the Epcot Passport shown in this photo ($9.95) it is not necessary. You can still collect activities & autographs without it.

Location: Epcot World Showcase Pavilions

Another great educational opportunity in Disney World is visiting the various country pavilions in Epcot.  Don’t just pass them by, go inside, look around & be sure to find the Kidcot fun station in each one.  Each stop will have coloring activities and usually a Duffy Bear cardboard puppet on a stick.  Representatives, native to each country, will be available for questions and autographs.  If you do not purchase the Epcot Passport (pictured above), you can bring your own autograph book and have the representative sign your book or on your Duffy cardboard.  They will often write something in their native language to you.  Each station will have a stamp to collect.  They will put that stamp in an autograph book or even on a coloring page.  Just don’t forget to ask.  Next time you are in Epcot, see if you can collect all 11 of the stamps.

Epcot Country Cards

Along with the stamps and autographs, you can pick up a card from each country that has great information about that country.  They list details such as the country’s location, flag, Population, Currency, Language and more.  These are very educational and great proof that kids can learn while on a Disney vacation.  😉

8. Stickers

Various stickers collected throughout Disney World
Various stickers collected throughout Disney World

Location: Throughout the Disney Parks and Resorts

Keep your eyes peeled and you will find cast member throughout the Disney Parks and Resorts handing out Disney stickers.  We love to collect these to add to our scrapbooks and sticker books.  Although small & simple, they never fail to bring smiles & memories of when & where we got them.

9. Transportation Cards

A few of the numerous transportation cards we have collected from our trips.
A few of the numerous transportation cards we have collected from our trips.

Location: throughout Disney at their transportation centers & vehicles

Yes, these are actual trading cards.  They are the size & thickness of a trading card & have details about each mode of transportation on the back side.  The next time you get on a bus, boat or monorail, just ask the cast member attending that vehicle if they have a transportation card.  it is quite fun to see if you can collect all of them.  They are great for scrapbooking, but we like to keep ours in the perfect sized, plastic box & go through them when we want to remember our vacation.  😉

10. Epcot Festival Passports

Passports from the Food and Wine Festival
Passports from the Food and Wine Festival

Location: Epcot

If you are planning a trip during one of Epcot’s three festivals or during the holidays, don’t forget to stop and pick up your Passport.  Each Passport contains information about food and activities for each festival or celebration.  They have little check boxes where you can check off the things that you have tried & even make notes about them.  You can easily make a meal out of these samples and it is a great way to use your snack credits if you are on one of the Disney Dining Plans.

Epcot Festival Passport booklets

New in 2016: The Epcot Food & Wine Festival passport and the Holidays Around the World passport have stickers that you can place on the page for each country as you tour the World Showcase instead of having to stop at each kiosk to collect a stamp.
New in 2017: Epcot Festival of the Arts

11. Autographs

Autograph books that we brought from home made out of spiral bound note cards from Staples
Autograph books that we brought from home made out of spiral bound note cards from Staples

Autographs are always free and a smart way to preserve Disney memories.  Of course you can always get autographs from the popular Disney characters, but don’t forget to ask your servers and other cast member for autographs.  You may just be pleasantly surprised with a special Disney animation drawing.
You don’t need official Disney autograph books for your trip.  We’ve found that we really like these spiral bound, 4×6 note card books from Staples for our autographs.  You can slip a photo in the front cover with a picture of your child, their name or their favorite character.  The inside note card pages are perforated allowing us to easily remove them when we return home.  Once out of the book, we add them to scrapbooks or even 4 x 6 photo albums next to a picture of my children getting the character autograph.  It’s fun to watch the characters interact with the kids during their autograph sessions and that is what creates memories that will last a lifetime.

If you do want an autograph for you next trip to Walt Disney World, you can get a FREE official Walt Disney World autograph book simply by booking through  for your next WDW vacation package (4 nights & 4 days) and it never costs extra over booking directly through Disney.

12. Kids’ Menus


Location: Table service restaurants throughout Walt Disney World

We find that the Kids Menus from the Disney table service restaurant have many memories for us.  They offer colorful material for scrapbookers, fun things to look back on and even entertainment for the trip back home.  They are filled with puzzles & coloring pages and that gives the kids something to look at on the flight home.  If you are a Disney memory hoarder like I am, than you might just want to hang on to those dining menus.

13. MagicBands

Our current collection of MagicBands
Our current collection of MagicBands

MagicBands and a trip to Walt Disney World seem to go hand in hand.  If you book a Walt Disney World vacation package, and stay in one of their 34 on-property Resorts, you will be given one MagicBand per person.  If you are not a Walt Disney World Resort guest, you can always purchase MagicBands.  These bands are functional as well as a great keepsake. You can save them for fun, put them in a shadow box with photos & other memorabilia from your vacation, or use them again on a future trip.
For 2017 Disney has released a new style of MagicBands and if the regular MagicBands are not exciting enough for you, you can buy specialty bands in the gift shops or personalize them at special tech stores around the park.  There is a custom MagicBand for everyone.
Click HERE to read more details about Disney’s MagicBands

14. Luggage Tags

Disney World, Luggage Tags,
New WDW luggage tags to match the color of your MagicBand.

There are 7 different tags & you will be given the same color luggage tag that matches your MagicBand.  So every person in your party could have a different luggage tag.  These tags, like the MagicBands, are also Free with your Disney Resort vacation package and are shipped with your MagicBands.  I personally hang at least one of them on a lanyard from our trip where I also attach a couple of Disney pins that we have purchased.
Luggage tags are shipped only to the guests that have booked a vacation package which includes room & tickets.  Room only reservations do not qualify.

15. Show Participation Certificates

Participation certificate from the Flights of Wonder show in Animal Kingdom.
Participation certificate from the Flights of Wonder show in Animal Kingdom.

Throughout the Disney parks there are different entertainment shows that you can volunteer to participate in.  Such as, Indiana Jones in Hollywood Studios, Lights Motors Action in Hollywood Studios and the Flights of Wonder show in Animal Kingdom to name a few.  If they ask for volunteers and you are chosen to go on stage, you will be given a special certificate, like the one above that says, “Across the mile & over the years, you’ll always remember this magical moment from the Walt Disney World Resort.”  At the bottom they will add the information including the date & your name.

16. Enchanted Tales With Belle Bookmark

Bookmarks handed out at the Enchanted Tales With Belle Attraction
Bookmarks handed out at the Enchanted Tales With Belle Attraction

Location: Magic Kingdom

In the new Fantasyland, Enchanted Tales With Belle is an often overlooked attraction.  During this attraction people will be selected from the audience to assist in performing the story of Beauty and the Beast with Belle.  After the program is over the audience is invited to come up & take pictures with Belle and receive a bookmark signed by Belle herself.  There is a PhotoPass photographer present and if you have already added memory maker to your package, the photos are free too.  The bookmarks are a wonderful keepsake that will inspire your child to read & remember this moment on your vacation.

17. Jedi Training Pin and Pirate Tutorial Certificate

Jedi Training Pin


Location: Hollywood Studios

A Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple Pin of completion from the Jedi Training Academy, is the perfect souvenir for any Star Wars fan and it doesn’t cost a cent.  There is a trick though… you must get signed up first, and return to participate in the stage show during your assigned return time.  Once the show has completed, you will be given a certificate.  This show also creates wonderful photo & video opportunities and there will be a PhotoPass photographer there taking pictures & handing out cards with your photo claim number on them.  If you have purchased the Memory Maker photo package, these photos are included. Once you get home, you can add decorative Star Wars boarders to your photos before you download them.  Click HERE for more details on the Jedi Training Academy including how to sign up.

Pirate Tutorial Certificate

Certificate handed out at the end of the Pirate Tutorial to the children chosen to participate.
Certificate handed out at the end of the Pirate Tutorial the children.

Location: Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom Park

This is another show that you will may to be chosen to participate in.  The stage for this show is just opposite of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Adventureland.  You can find showtimes on your daily times guide or posted near the stage.  if you don’t see them, just ask a cast member.  I suggest that you arrive early & sit right in front of the stage.  Children should be willing & eager to participate and if they are not chosen for one show, you can always return for another.  This is an adorable show where Jack Sparrow takes recruits & trains them for his crew.  Again, wonderful photo & video opportunities here.  There is usually a PhotoPass photographer available so you can get your photos if you’ve purchased Memory Maker.
If you are not chosen for the show, don’t despair, as long as you stand & take the pirate oath at the end, you will also be sworn in & given a certificate to join Jack’s crew.

PhotoPass photo taken while Jack Sparrow instructs my son in they way to be a pirate. Yes, he does of green hair, he is Ferb for the Halloween party. ;)
PhotoPass photo taken while Jack Sparrow instructs my son on the ways to be a pirate. Yes, he does have green hair; he is Ferb for the Halloween party. 😉

18. Tomorrowland Speedway Official Speedway License


Location: Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland

After taking a lap around the Tomorrowland Speedway, you can get your official Speedway License complete with the signature of Mickey Mouse himself.  All you have to do to score this adorable little card is ask a cast member for one when you exit the attraction.  If there is not a cast member at the exit, just talk to the person at the Fastpass entrance.

19. Pressed Pennies

Pressed pennies setting next to the M&M containers that we keep our unpressed pennies & quarters in
Pressed pennies setting next to the M&M containers that we keep our unpressed pennies & quarters in

Location:  Throughout the Disney Parks, Downtown Disney and even other destinations

First off, these are not really free.  The cost is exactly .51 cents for each pressed penny.  They are practically free, and definitely fun souvenirs worth the investment.  You can choose to press pennies that have your favorite characters on them, just outside of your favorite attractions or you can try to collect them all.  There are hundreds of penny designs throughout the Disney parks and you can purchase special pressed penny albums to display your pennies in.
Tip: We like to carry our pennies in M&M tubes where we can stack 2 quarters & 1 penny, 2 quarters & 1 penny.  This way when you find a machine, you will easily be able to grab out 2 quarters & 1 penny.  😉

20. Resort Soaps, Lotions and Shampoos

H2O Spa products at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Location: Your Disney Resort Room

If you are staying at a Disney owned Resort hotel, they leave wonderful soap items in your room on your bathroom vanity. Depending on if you stay at a value, moderate or deluxe resort will determine what type of soaps that you get.  At the deluxe resorts we have received the spa quality products.  If you pack up your soap every day, mousekeeping will leave more for you when they clean the room.  Once we arrive home we put our Disney soaps in a basket in our guest room.  They are useful and make great conversation pieces.  Don’t forget to tip mousekeeping for their hard work on keeping your room beautiful.
**UPDATE: On 8/21/17 there have been rumors swirling that the individual bottles of soaps are being replaced with large bottles that are locked in place in the showers.  This rumor was confirmed at one moderate resort & I expect that all moderates & values may follow suite.  It’s possible that the deluxe category resorts might keep the individual bottles as shown above.

BONUS: Travel Agent Goodies

last but not least, some of the best souvenirs can come from your travel agent before you even leave home.  I always send various things with final client travel documents, such as, Disney autograph books, Disney gift cards, coloring books, autographed character photos and more and these are all on top of any special offers by Disney.  The cost of booking through myself and booking directly through Disney is exactly the same.  So why not take advantage of some expert planning assistance & goodies that your agent can provide?  Don’t hesitate, it all starts with a free quote.
My 2017 freebies and promotions, these are on top of any Disney promotions
Book a 4 night, 4 day package at a Walt Disney World Resort and get:
A Free autograph book for the kids (1 per room)
A Free $15.00 Disney gift card to use on a special treat of your choice
All  extra goodies will be sent with final travel documents 1 – 2 weeks prior to start of package. One autograph book and gift card per room, based on double occupancy of the room.

Thank you for reading!
My name is Melissa and I am a travel agent. It means the world to me to share with you what I love.  You will find me in the Disney World parks almost every weekend with my family; I am always trying out new experiences in person so that I can help you plan your dream vacation.
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