How to Plan… for the WDW Free Dining Plan

Free Dining RUMORS are swirling around out there right now.  The Walt Disney World free dining plan is possibly the most popular promotion that Disney World releases.  This special offer typically releases at the end of April and I would like to share with you some of the typical facts and rumors surrounding this offer.


Disney World Free Dining – 2017 RUMORS

The Disney World free dining offer allows everyone booked in one room, in the same package to get one of 2 Disney Dining Plans.  The RUMORS for 2017 are this… you must book a minimum 4 night package and include the Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus tickets.  NEW this year: the Value & Moderate Resort guests will receive the free Quick Service dining plan while Deluxe Resort guests will get the free Disney Plus Dining Plan.  The arrival dates are widely rumored and have been said to include select dates during the months of September, November & December & maybe August.

Be Available

If you currently have a reservation, be available through Facebook messenger or text or email.  Sometimes questions will come up about options for your vacation package & I will need to get in touch with you to make decisions while I am on the phone.

Be Flexible & Patient

Not all resorts are offered for the free dining promotion.  You may need to be open to changing resorts or ticket types in order to qualify.  On the day that this promotion is released, the phone lines are very long & the websites may experience delays (another reason to let a travel agent assist you with your reservation).  I will be up bright & early going through all of my reservations & assisting guests in making any changes that will save them money.
As a Travel Agent, I can book any offer that Disney releases, at no additional cost to you and with the added benefit of free planning assistance.

Have a Plan in Place

Communicate with your travel agent.  If you already have a reservation, decide if you are open to changing resorts or upgrading your tickets in order to qualify for free dining.  If you currently have a package booked, but have not yet added dining to your reservation, let your travel agent know what your maximum budget is in case ticket upgrades or resort changes might affect the price of your package.  If you have not yet booked a vacation, but are interested in free dining, talk to me about your desired reservation details, and I can place a hold on a vacation package for you once the offer is released.
Sometimes the rooms sell out very quickly

Your Travel Agent is there for you – Trust Them

I have been through the release of free dining many times, and have personally traveled on the free dining plan on a number of my own vacations.
A good travel agent will research & outline all of your options. (This is the reason we need to be able to contact you for decisions).  Sometimes upgrading to the park hopper ticket or changing your resort might cost you more and a room discount offer may be the best option for your stay.  Discounts cannot be combined so you will not be able to keep a room discount & add free dining on top of it.

The Next Step

If you are not already booked & are interested in the free dining promotion contact me
If you are already booked through me, and are willing to change your reservation, please communicate with me on your wishes and budget.
Rest assured that if your vacation package is already booked through me, I will be checking to see if I can apply any promotion to save you money.  I LOVE sending out emails telling people that I was able to save them money on their vacation!

Planning is essential for saving money and having a great Disney vacation.  Why not book through a travel agent at NO additional cost to you & let them take care of the hard work so your vacation is all about relaxing & fun?

Thank you for reading,
My name is Melissa, I am a Disney Fanatic and I’m also a travel agent.  It means the world to me to share with you what I love. You will find me in the Disney World parks almost every weekend with my family; I am always trying out new experiences in person, so that I can help you plan your dream vacation.
Melissa Mathies – Travel Designer & Destination Specialist
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Why Use a Travel Agent for your next Disney Vacation?





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