My Disney Magic Express Luggage Tags didn’t arrive. What should I do?

Disney has customer service that is parallel to none.  They are so admired that they even offer D’Think classes to large corporations to to help them improve the quality of their company & customer service.  However, we all know that there are even mishaps with our Disney vacations that can include misplaced Magical Express Luggage tags & information.

What is Disney’s Magical Express?  Disney’s Magic Express is the wonderful buses that magically whisk you away from the Orlando airport to your Walt Disney World Resort.  This is a complimentary service that is included in the price of your Walt Disney World Resort vacation package. One of the advantages of Disney’s Magical Express Service is that they “magically” deliver your luggage to your Disney Resort for you.  All you do is attach the Magical Express luggage tags to your baggage, check your baggage when you board your flight and when you arrive in Orlando you head straight for the Magic Express buses without ever stopping at baggage claim.  They will pick up your bags & deliver them to your resort room for you.  This can take up to several hours (or longer if their is a problem the the airline baggage service).  I recommend packing a carry on with items essential to the first day, or at least first few hours, of you stay.

Disney’s Magic Express Luggage Tags
Envelope in which your tags will be mailed in

What To Do if you don’t get your Magic Express luggage tags in the mail before you depart:

Lost DME Mail: Often times there may be a little mishap and you may not receive your Magic Express luggage tags before you get on your plane to Orlando.  If that happens… don’t let it ruin your vacation, you can pick up your baggage at baggage claim or you can still easily get your luggage delivered to your room by following these steps:

1. Check your luggage with your airline on check in & be sure to SAVE your baggage claim tickets someplace handy.  (Many times these are stickers that they slip in behind your boarding pass).  Whatever the case is, just be sure to have ALL of your baggage claim tickets.

2. Board your flight as usual & when you arrive in Orlando go to Terminal B, Level 1 where the Magic Express is located.  (see map below).

3. Check in at the Magic Express Welcome Center and Give your baggage claim tickets to a representative & they will record the information off of the tickets & hand them back to you.

4. Get in line to board the bus to your resort & begin your vacation!  Your bus might make up to 3 stops before arriving at your resort, but Disney will deliver your luggage to your room just as if they would if you had the yellow tags attached.

Luggage Delivery: If you choose to allow Disney to pick-up & deliver your luggage to your resort for you, it may take up to 3 hours after your check-in for your luggage to be delivered.  You do not need to be in your room for your luggage to be delivered.

You should have your Magic Bands with you when you arrive in Orlando.  If you do not have your Magic Bands when you arrive in Orlando, you can check in at the Magic Express desk & they will guide you to your bus departure area.

For 2 separate families on a single reservation:  Disney will not ‘split ship’ your DME tags & tickets.  Meaning that if you have 2 families, staying on the same reservation, they will only ship the Magic Express items to one address & you will need to mail them to the other party.  If it is not possible to ship the documents, you can scan the paper tickets & email them on to the second half of your party for printing & follow the instructions for luggage below.

If you have any additional questions, be sure to reach out to your travel agent for assistance.
Why Use a Travel Agent for you next Disney vacation

Viola!  You’re now on vacation!!!!  Enjoy!
Melissa Mathies, Travel Designer & Destination Specialist
Pixie Dust Adventures

Orlando airport map showing the Disney’s Magic Express area

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