Epcot: Christmas in Norway

During Epcot’s month long “Holidays around the World” celebration, each country in the World Showcase offers a little skit about the traditions of Christmas in their country.  You mean you can learn something on vacation?  Of course you can and Norway is about more than just meeting Anna and Elsa.  😉

In Norway people that live in big cities attend concerts, festivals and other events.  For the country folk on the farms “The Barn Santa” Julenissen pays them a visit.  This mischievous gnome can only be seen by those that believe and the audience will have to help the storyteller believe in him as he plays tricks on her while she tells of Norway’s traditions.

Julenissen the “Barn Santa” standing with the storyteller

Each of Epcot’s 11 countries will have characters, dressed in costume, perform holiday traditions for guests an average of 6 times a day.  You will need to check the printed times guide or My Disney Experience app, in order to get exact times for performances each day.

When you pick up your park map for the day, don’t forget to grab the Holidays Around the World Passport.  There is a lot of great information in this little book.  The pages include check boxes & stickers to put in place as you complete each event at the different countries around the World Showcase.

The tale of Norway’s Holiday Traditions is as follows from the sign posted at the Norway Pavilion:
The Christmas season in a festive time in the “Land of the Midnight Sun”:however there are remarkable differences between the holiday celebrations in Norway’s cities and the age old traditions of farming communities.
In Norwegian towns and cities, there are a host of festivities leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Many will celebrate the holidays going to concerts, fairs and markets, with caroling and church services, or the familiar custom of awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus.
On many Norwegian farms, there is also much excitement as the children anticipate the visit of “the Barn Santa,” Julenissen, a gnome who lives in the woods and barns across the countryside.  It is believed that he is the guardian of the farm animal and every family’s welfare.  Young children leave a steaming bowl of porridge in the hayloft during the holiday period to thank Julenissen.
Christmas Eve on the farm is busy with fun activity.  Farm animal are treated to the finest oats and barley.  Birds are offered a julenek, large sheaves of grain places high on spruce poles.  Gifts are opened.  After darkness, it “lights out” as homes are illuminated by on the warm glow of candlelight.
Christmas Day throughout Norway is “family time!” Everyone gathers to enjoy the precious gift of food, music and good times that may last for hours!

christmas-in-norway2Julenissen “Barn Santa”: this mischievous gnome makes the story teller dance since she cannot see him because she does not believe.  Is there a child in the audience that can help her see him?

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