Tax Free School Shopping?

So…. In Florida they have this thing called “tax free school shopping”. Sounds neat right? No taxes on school supplies, clothing, bags, back packs etc… that even includes adult clothing. WOW, I think to myself; I totally want in on this deal, where do I sign up?


Well… this year is has been shortened from 10 days, during previous years, to just 3 days, Friday Saturday & Sunday. You can shop anywhere, including online & pay no taxes on anything that could be school supplies. Oh, I almost forgot, they have also disallowed computers & tablets this year.

My point? I see this quickly turning into the “black Friday” of school shopping. I’ve heard several people say that they start their shopping late Thursday night at Walmart & check out just after midnight to avoid paying the taxes. Crazy, right? This weekend I have decided to give this a shot; I just hope that there are school supplies left by the time we get around to the stores.

I better wrap this post up & start finalizing my list of everything that we need. We need to hit the stores with a plan tomorrow morning.  😉

Good luck to all of my fellow Florida school shoppers tomorrow!!!

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