Kept Calm and Moved South

It has been a while since I have had a chance to blog.  Our lives have been swept up in a hurricane of chaos as we have been in the process of relocating from Colorado to Florida in less than a month.  We are now living near the excitement in the southernmost state.


Packing was hectic, finding a rental home was almost impossible and our time was limited.  We had almost 4 weeks before the start of my husband’s new job and planned to give ourselves one week to settle in after arrival.  That left 2 weeks to pack, finish school and have one giant garage sale before our week long trek to Florida.  After 6 days and 1800 miles on the road, with 8 nights in 6 different hotels, we moved our family of 4 +2 dogs and a hamster into our Florida rental home.  The journey has been long and not always easy, but we are looking forward to many new adventures in this exciting state.

In the near future we will be visiting the Disney Parks to experience the amazing new attractions that have opened this summer.  I will also be touring the Disney Dream as well as 3 of Carnival’s Cruise ships over the next 2 months; specifically, the Carnival Victory, Carnival Magic and Carnival Valor.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for live details and information.

My name is Melissa and I am a Travel Agent.  If you are considering a Disney, Universal, Cruise or All-Inclusive Vacation I can assist you in booking & planning your very own vacation adventure; the best part is that all my planning services are always FREE.  At no added cost to you, I can assist you in setting up your vacation plans including dining reservations, fastpasses & more…  Don’t forget the special travel goodies and perks I offer my clients.  Contact me today for a free, no obligation quote.
Melissa Mathies, Travel Agent – Pixie Dust Adventures

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