Breaking News: SeaWorld Whale Program Changing

Today SeaWorld has announced some major changes coming to their Killer Whale program in their parks.  These evolutionary changes seem come from recent pressures of society and the concern for the whales’ safety and care.


It has been announced that the Orca Whales, currently in the care of SeaWorld, will be the very last generation of Orca Whales kept there.  These animals will continue to be given top care as they live out their lives in the parks.  Furthermore, the Orca breeding program has come to an end for SeaWorld; they will no longer breed whales in captivity.  It has been almost 40 years since SeaWorld has brought whales from the wild and their whale program will end with the whales that currently live there.


SeaWorld has also announced that the parks will be bringing their theatrical whale shows to an end and replacing them with new, natural Orca encounters that will focus on the natural world along with research, education, care and respect.  The Orca show, One Ocean, will end starting next year in San Diego followed by San Antonio and finally SeaWorld Orlando in 2019.  Although the end date is a few years away, this does show SeaWorld’s dedication to doing what is best for the animals in their parks.


All of these changes bring about a new partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  Now that they share common ground, both organizations will happily proceed forward hand in hand, focused on the health of the oceans and the animals that call them home.


My personal experience in the SeaWorld Parks has always been a positive one.  I do believe that their goal and mission is to protect and care for marine life.  If you have any doubts about this, try taking the “Behind the Scenes” tour next time you visit their park.  This tour will put you up close & personal with animals that they are working to rehabilitate and protect.

I too am very passionate about the animals and natural world around me.  I am also a Travel Agent.  If you have ever thought about visiting a SeaWorld Park, maybe even as a part of your next Disney vacation package, I can help you book & plan your trip at NO additional cost to you and it all starts with a free quote.  Don’t hesitate in seeing the historical Orca shows while they are still around.  They will soon be closed forever.
Thank you for reading, Melissa – Pixie Dust Adventures


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