Win a Free Trip to Walt Disney World and stay in the Cinderella Castle!!!

Many of us dream of staying in Cinderella’s Castle but few will ever get the opportunity.  A Disney Cinderella Castle Suite Reservation is something which not even money can buy and is open only to a very fortunate few.

The space, which is not the Cinderella Castle Suite, was originally intended to be a place that Walt Disney and his family would stay in the park.  Sadly Walt never got to stay in it before his death in 1966.  Before 2006 the space in the castle was empty or used for storage.  At one time it was the home of the Disney telephone operators.

The one way that we have the chance to stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite is to win a trip to stay there.  WOW!  Not only a free trip to Disney, but a stay in the castle as well!!!  Now that would be a way to start the New Year off right.  Always remember that if you don’t win, I am here to help you book & plan your, very own, Magical Vacation. – Melissa – Pixie Dust Adventures

What’s included if you win?


Be sure to enter everyday in January 2015!  I would love it if one of my followers won this!!!  Enter HERE


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