New and upcomming Disney announcements for MyMagic+ and Fastpass+

Disney has announced that MyMagic+ is currently available to both Walt Disney World Resort guests as well as guests staying off of Disney property.  Now everyone will have the opportunity to take advantage of Disney’s new Fastpass+ program and more.  Guests not staying at a Disney Resort will have the option to purchase MagicBands in the parks.

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Disney World MagicBands

Coming Soon…

You may soon have the ability to add and enjoy additional Fastpass+ selections on the day of your visit, after you have redeemed your first three selections that you have pre-booked on the MyMagic+ site before you began your vacation.  After you use the first 3, you will be able to go to a kiosk in the park and get an additional Fastpass and after that one is used you can add another and so on.

Another future improvement to the MyMagic+ system will be the ability to use your Fastpass+ service in more than one park per day.  Does this increase your odds of purchasing Disney’s Park Hopper pass?

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