Saving Money with Disney Gift Cards

Have you ever considered saving money on your next Disney vacation by purchasing Disney gift cards?  It may be possible to save up to 10% on your next Disney vacation by paying with Disney gift cards; I have personally done it.


How to do this:

Many stores offer incentives for purchasing gift cards from them.  This includes Disney gift cards where they are offered.  I am sure that we can all think of a good use for Disney gift cards; especially if you are already planning a Disney vacation.  You can use your Disney gift cards to pay for park souvenirs, meals, tips and much more.  If you are staying at a Disney Resort & taking advantage of the charging privileges with your room, you can always give your gift cards to the hotel desk to apply to all of your charges on your room or the new MagicBand.

One example an incentive offered by a store is Target.  If you use your Target red card to purchase gift cards, you can save 5% off of the total value of the gift card.  So if your Disney trip total is $3,000. and you pay the total using gift cards purchased from Target, that will save you $150.  That may not seem like a lot, but it could buy you a few nice meals on your trip and who doesn’t like free money anyway?  Be sure to check with the Target in your area that they offer this before purchasing your gift cards.

My personal favorite is the fuel rewards offered by grocery stores such as King Soopers & Kroger.  Every store has a different plan, but at King Soopers they often offer a 4x rewards points when you purchase gift cards.  You must use your Sooper Card (a free card issued to you by King Soopers) when purchasing your gift cards & your gas.  This is how they link you with the purchases that you have made.

Here is a summery of how fuel points work at King Soopers:
for every $100. you spend you get .10 cents off per gallon of gas for a single fill up
$1,000. = $1.00 off a gallon of gas
When they offer 4x the points $250. = $1.00 off of a gallon of gas

Your points are only good until the month following your purchase & there are some other tricks about them forcing you to use the lower amount of points first.  I avoid this by only buying Disney gift cards during the 4x points & only one time per promotion.  You don’t have to do this but it makes it easier for me to track.  If you want to pay for a large vacation using gift cards, you may want to purchase the gift cards over several month to avoid the fuel points expiring.
You can find details here

If I fill my large SUV when it is empty, I can put in as much at 25 gallons.  Meaning that if I have $1.00 off a gallon of fuel it saves me $25.00.  That is like saving 10% on our Disney trip.  You can always fill more than one car if you line them up one behind the other & don’t stop fueling between them. (Loaf N Jug now limits the number of gallons of fuel that you can purchase in a single card swipe)

Example:  If the Disney trip total is $3,000. and I pay for it using Disney gift cards from the promotion at King Soopers I can save $1.00 of a gallon on 12 fill ups.  So for every fill up of 25 gallons, I save $25.00 that is like getting 10% off of my Disney gift card purchase and our total trip cost.  So on a $3000. trip that would save us $300.  That looks pretty good to those of us that drive long distances in large cars for sure.  Since I can’ t use that many fill ups before my fuel reward points expire I try to buy Disney gift cards over several different promotional periods.

On top of the savings on gas we use our flyer miles / vacation credit card to purchase the gift cards so that earns us another 2% toward our vacation for a total of 12% savings when combined with fuel rewards.

There are many, many gift cards promotions out there.  You do the math & figure out which one works to save you the most money.

If you are planning to pay for your trip with gift cards, Click HERE for information on how to combine numerous gift cards.

The Bad news. yeah, there’s always a down side:
You must know that once you purchase a Disney gift card there are no refunds for that Disney gift card.  You can only use that money now toward a Disney purchase.  So if you cancel your trip any refundable money that you are owed will be refunded onto the Disney gift card that you paid with.  So please, be sure and SAVE the Disney gift cards that you use to pay for your trip; that way if you are given a refund to the card, you can use that card for a later expense.

A perfect example of this is our 2012 Disney Fantasy Cruise.  One of our ports was cancelled sue to Hurricane Sandy & the port fees were refunded to the Disney gift card that I had originally used to pay for the trip.  I was not aware of this & had given the used cards to my children to play with.  Well…  I had to dig through their room filled with their “treasures” and play gift card round up.  I was lucky enough to locate the gift card that contained the refunded port fees.

Thank you for reading my tips on saving money using Disney gift cards.

Hi I’m Melissa and I am a travel agent with Main Street Adventures Travel Agency.  I can help you book and plan your next Disney vacation at no added cost to you.  All while trying to get you the very best deal and it all starts with a free quote.  visit my website or Contact me at 

Contact us today for assistance with booking and planning your next Disney vacation.
Contact us today for assistance with booking and planning your next Disney vacation.

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